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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make A Lemon Battery

Today, I want to share this cool Science project or experiment, that you can do to. It is how to make a battery using a lemon. I am kind of electric dumb, so I will have to impose the knowledge of my husband to help me get all the correct parts. I hope to be able to do this experiment in the next couple of weeks. It is very cool.

The picture you see is another DJ picture, and I am trying to get them all uploaded to my online photo albums, so I can take them off my hard drive. He needs to start deciding which ones he wants printed off for his 4H book. It is due June 10th.

The second video is on common, and proper nouns. Since both kids are now learning nouns, I thought the video would be helpful for them both.

Lesson Plans For 04/28/11:

Math: Saxon 54
Writing: Parts of a story, and dialogue
Science: When the ground moves
Language Arts: Proper Nouns
5th Grade Test Prep

Head of the Class
Reading: Rub A Dub Cub, and Happy and Max
Shapes and Colors: Finish book
Phonics: Consonants and vowels: Finish book
Math: Addition and subtraction
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting
Making Predictions
Printing Practice


Veronica Lee said...

My son is looking for a cool science project for show and tell and this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing this. You're awesome.

Happy Friday!

Melissa said...

How exciting! Let me know how he does.

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