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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

It is Spring, yay! It actually starts acting like spring in early February, here in Florida. So we have been experiencing it for sometime now. Spring is when everything wakes up from up its long winter nap, and is reborn. Baby animals are born, as well as new flowers and leaves. Caitlin has been learning about the seasons and will begin working on her Spring door tomorrow. We color Spring pictures, cut them out and tape them to the door. Since I don't have bulletin boards, this works well for us. I did find some I could print on Edhelper for bulletin board themes, but they are huge and use a lot of ink. Below are some fun videos for you to share with your little learners. There are baby farm animals, baby farm animal story book, and a drawing lesson on drawing a baby lamb. Caitlin will be doing each of these tomorrow, along with other lessons. I use Edhelper for printables, but DLTK Kids, and TLS Books, offer free resources for your Spring time lessons. Edhelper has some free ones, but I am not sure which ones, but you could search around. Edhelper only costs me 20 dollars a year, and I love their resources. Plus we plant tomatoes, and cucumbers, which are always a great Science lesson, and affordable and easy.


betchai said...

i love spring, it's the liveliest time of the year for me.

Melissa said...

I love Spring too, Betchai. I remember when we lived up North, I could not wait for Spring.

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