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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Setting A Formal Dinner Table

We have only one more 4H meeting for this year, in May, then comes the big formal type dinner. Have you ever set a formal dinner table? Have you ever been to a fancy formal dinner? For me no. I am not fancy, or formal, and would probably feel very uncomfortable in this situation. We have been learning about manners, as a group, and last night we finished up the booklets, and Ms Lorrie brought in her fine china to show the kids how to set a formal dinner table. I could tell none of them were remembering it, I could barely remember it. She did say that we would be doing the family dinner setting, not the real formal one, for the test. Yep a test. I June, the kids will be setting a table properly, and then serving a meal to the parents and 4H branch manager. So, we will be practicing, because yes I do not like to fail any test, even one as corny as this. After the dinner we are done until the Fall. It should be a very interesting dinner, indeed. Thank goodness it isn't until June.

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