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Friday, April 1, 2011

Take A Journey To The Earth's Core has sent me an email alert to let me know that on April 2nd at 8 PM Eastern, they are airing a new show called A Journey to the Earth's Core. Be sure to Tivo it or watch it, if this is something you or your child would be interested in. I will be Tivoing it for sure. Here is the description they sent me.

Journey to the Earth’s Core
Saturday, April 2nd at 8/7c

Humans have mapped nearly every corner of the globe--from jungles and deserts to the depths of space. Yet we have gone only seven miles below the Earth's surface which is only 1/500th of the total distance to its center. Journey to the Earth’s Core travels 4,000 miles down into the heart of our planet. Scientists, engineers and explorers encounter the underground world where strange life forms are able to inhabit deadly environments and trees force their way through 400 feet of rock to find water. Viewers will learn about mines the size of cities and about the ways electric shocks to the Earth can help reveal the location of oil. Throughout the program, students will learn new information about the mysterious underground forces that shape life on the surface of our planet.

Curriculum Links:
Journey to the Earth’s Core would be an excellent contribution to Science and Technology, Geography, Environmental Science, Politics, and History Courses. It is appropriate for high school and college students.

Discussion Questions:
1. What methods do the scientists in this program use to analyze their findings as they explore the layers beneath the earth’s surface?
2. How do you think information about the earth’s core can help us understand life on our planet?

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