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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wrestlemania XXVII Tonight

Tonight is Wrestlemania XXVII, and it is somewhat of a tradition to watch it in my home. My husband and I both grew up with wrestling. Though I haven't continued with it much into my last about 10 years, my son loves it. Tonight via pay per view, they will be watching Wrestlemania. I may watch a couple matches, but it will give me the opp to get a lot done. Since everyone will be up late, I am sure school will start late tomorrow as well. Since we are going to Seaworld, for our second trip on Wednesday, we will be doing Social Studies activities tomorrow. Have fun, and drop me a note if you will or will not be watching Wrestlemania.


Tim said...

I missed wrestlemania, but have fun at SeaWorld. The killer whales and the dolphins are absolutely amazing. Sit up close so you get splashed on. :)


Melissa said...

Tim it was real chilly in the morning, when we got to the show, so we didn't sit where we would get wet. There weren't many seats left anyways even if we wanted to get splashed. It was awesome.

Anne said...

So I would guess this means that you got to see Snooki when she was on it. Was it really as short as less than a minute (Snooki's appearance, not the entire show). I hope you enjoyed it.

Melissa said...

The only match I actually sat and watched was the Undertaker vs HHH. I did stick around for Snooki too. As much as I do not care for her she was pretty acrobatic in the ring. She won also. It was a very fast match, she wasn't in more than a minute, if that. My husband and DJ had a ball. Caitlin and I watched the new version of The Velveteen Rabbit.

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