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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Day Filled With Art

Monday is usually Art Day, here at Melissa's Homeschool, and today was no different. The kids did all their regular school work, and we do Art in the evening. My husband was just promoted to Assistant Chief, at the fire dept. So that is exciting, and great for him. We are very proud of him. My job is getting on my last nerve, but that really is not a whole lot of anything new. Caitlin finished reading, Sunset of the Sabertooth. One of the activities she had to do, to finish out the activity was to draw a picture that really stuck out in her mind. So she drew a Sabertooth tiger on a rock. This is a Magic Tree House Book, and she really loved it. She is doing, Dolphins at Daybreak next. I really like the worksheet she had for the last one, but if she didn't we will move on to a different book review format. Basically the one I liked has a chapter review at the end of each chapter. She has to name the main idea of the chapter, then the supporting events that support the Main Idea. I think I am going to continue with that. Then at the end of the book, she has to draw a picture of an event from the book. This is a nice way to ease her into book reports.

DJ is studying the Middle Ages, for History, so he went on a virtual tour of a castle, and then had to draw a sketch of it. You can see the beginnings of his sketch. I will share the completed picture, when it is done.

We are up to our third bird in our Art class. DJ really does not like to paint, so I let him switch to drawing with colored pencils. This is his preference. Caitlin made her Ruby throated Hummingbird over water with a small flower. Mine is very fat, lol. Caitlin said maybe it is going to have a baby. I reminded her that in the bird world, the boys are pretty. So, he is just chubby. At first I was very disappointed with the flowers, but as I started to look at my paintings in more of a geometric shape way, I got them more how I wanted them to look. They are bigger than I wanted, but all in all I am pleased. I will try it again, with everything just a bit smaller. Next week DJ wants to do the Swallow Tail Kite. So, that is what we shall do. To see my first canvas painting, visit my other blog, Melissas Jewwely and Gems. My paintings are available to purchase in my Etsy shop. Some I give as gifts too.

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