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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earth Kids: Leafy Sea Dragom

Friday was our Earth Kids Meeting. We were meeting bi-monthly, but for now meetings will be once a month, on a Friday. There are several reasons for needing to do this. If it becomes feasible to go back to bi-monthly we will.

This time around, the kids learned about the Leafy Sea Dragon. The Leafy Sea Dragon is found only in Southern Australia. There are very strict laws about catching or hunting them. There are several aquariums that have been allowed to have them. They are related to Seahorses, but they don't have the tail that allows them to curl around plants and hang on. They have leafy appendages to help them camouflage themselves. The Leafy Sea Dragon is a perfect animal to teach camouflage to kids.We made a Leafy Sea Dragon pizza.  If you thin your dough out more, because it rises and swells when baked, it will look a little more realistic than ours.  We used lettuce tears to make the leafy appendages.  One of the kids, and I each made a Seahorse wire and pearl piece.  Mine will become a Christmas ornament, and I am not sure what she will decide to do with hers.  The two little ones did a coloring page, and DJ is working on a drawing.

Australia for Kids

About Leafy Sea Dragons

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