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Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day of New Run Club Year

After taking the Summer off, our Run/Walk Club started back up this morning.  There was not a whole lot of running, lol.  Most of us walked, with the kids running a little bit.  It is still quite warm this time of year, and the kids and I were more than happy to jump in the pool when we returned home.  We do Run Club twice a week.  On those days our schedule changes just a little bit. 

They both do Science and History for 30 min before we leave for Run Club.  Caitlin skips Language Arts, and DJ makes his up after lunch.  Then Math after lunch with Spelling and Vocab.  This worked real well doing it this way today, so I don't see any issues in getting behind with our school work.  Because I make classes one hour long, when most public school classes are forty minutes, it makes up for the days that the lessons are shorter at the end of the year. 

Tomorrow is a full day, with testing on material learned.  We probably will get done a little early, which is always nice. 

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