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Friday, September 27, 2013

Robinson Crusoe Audio Book

If you have children that like to listen to audio books, then today's freebie is perfect.  It is a Robinson Crusoe mp3 audio book.  My kids hate listening to books, so this is not one we will use.  I hope many others will find it very useful though.  Just click the link to visit the website, to obtain your freebie. 

Today is our Earth Kids meeting, and we continue studying Oceans and the creatures that live there.  I will post all the links, and pictures of the projects we do, after the meeting is completed.  I told the kids today, I am switching the meetings to only once a month, rather than twice.  They are not super happy about that, but there are several good reasons to do it.  As with all classes, done during school hours, there is a reading, math and geography lesson, centered around the Leafy Sea Dragon, oh and art too.  I am making a pizza in the shape of a Leafy Sea Dragon.  You will have to come back to see how it comes out.  I have never done one like this before.  I figure we are going to eat it anyways, so if I mess it up no big deal.  I found a cake also, but that looked way complicated.

I love all the Scholastic products, and am considering trying the book below with my daughter next year, for fifth grade. I do have the Saxon book I can use, that my son used, but will have to see.

Lesson Snips, a website I have used a lot in my years of homeschooling, is both a paid and free website. You sign up, and then pick if you want free, or paid. I recommend the free. I had the paid, but was not happy with it for many reasons. You get a lot of stuff for free. Check it out, and they have all subjects, and all grades.

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