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Monday, September 16, 2013

Irritation Today

I had posted on day three, how I had an almost meltdown due to Lesson Pathways no working correctly.  I got it fixed, but now you can not get on their website at all.  People are complaining on their Facebook page, and only one admin has said they will look at it.  No updates, no nothing.  So, since I have no patience for this type of stuff, I spent the day going back through my resources to find more curriculum choices for Caitlin.  DJ's is basically OK.  He was using Lesson Pathways for History, but he is doing Vikings and the Middle Ages, so it is not a problem finding resources for him.  He is currently doing a blog post on Vikings, it is pretty funny, you should check it out at Through the Eyes of DJ. 

Caitlin will switch to Unit Studies that I already have saved for History, and Magic Tree House books for history as well.  She will now be doing the Magic School Bus series, and activities for Science, and Teachnology, ABCya and Internets4 the classroom for Language Arts.  Reading will go as I see fit. 

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