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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kids and Space and Spiders

I didn't get these up yesterday, because we didn't get to them yesterday, lol! We finished up another great school week. Normally we would do school tomorrow, but DJ and my husband need to be at the church at noon for a camping trip. DJ is very excited.

So, Caitlin is watching some space videos on The Magic School Bus series. Then, I found the most awesome website called, Planets for Kids. This website is so cool, and I plan on Caitlin using it repeatedly. Today, she drew the sun, and all the planets, in the order they are. She really likes this type of learning, so it works very well for her. She just finished reading Charlotte's Web, this week and there are still a few more cute activities I want her to do, before she moves onto The Boxcar Children, next. Today, she had to look up two different spiders, draw them, and then tell me about them. As I stated, I am slowly working her into more writing activities. So eventually she will have to write them out rather than tell me.

DJ continues to do well with all his studies. He is still learning about the Atmosphere for Science, The Middle Ages for History, 8th grade Math, and 9th grade Language Arts. He also is continuing to write his very first book. That is so exciting, but a long process. I don't think I could ever write a book. I am too scatter brained.

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