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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meltdown on Day 3

After thinking I was having a perfect start to the homeschool year, I was rudely awakened first thing this morning.  Most of Caitlin's fourth grade curriculum is being done on Lesson Pathways.  I love the curriculum, and so does she.  So, when I could not log in this morning, at all, couldn't do anything, I started to have a melt down.  Last year I lost The Head of the Class 80% through the school year.  I had to scramble to find something else.  I was having images of this again.  But, before I had a full meltdown, my brain took over and said check their Facebook page and see if others are having issues too.  Yes, there were others.  Seems that when your computer, ie Windows, updates itself, some websites become incompatible with the new version.  If you go to tools and click on compatibility it will work fine.  And it did!  So, the rest of the day went smooth, and we even finished ahead.  So that tomorrow we just have grocery shopping and Art class.  Yay!

My husband was doing a CPR class this evening, and DJ has a County Council meeting for 4H, so I wanted to make dinner early to be sure everyone didn't go to meetings hungry.  When I opened the cupboard, to remove a pan, to my surprise everything was wet.  Now I have ears of steel.  If there was water dripping I would have heard it, trust me.  I heard nothing all day, and there was no TV or music on.  Anyway it is fixed, and didn't cause too much damage, thank goodness.  This is what happens when you buy an older home.  Thank goodness if we are gone it is not for long periods of time, usually.  If we ever have a leak when we are on one of our day trips, oh my I don't even want to think about the damage.  I think we will just start turning off the water, lol. 

Anyway it is the end of the school week.  Our Art projects will be on Audubon Birds.  We are painting one each week, and the kids will do some research and a small written assignment.  Caitlin does not know that yet, lol!

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