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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teaching the Alphabet

My kids already know the alphabet, but today at homeschoolfreebieoftheday, they have a very cool set of activities for teaching the alphabet.  35 as a matter of fact.  This particular freebie is available only for today, so be sure to get it if you want it. 

We had a much more peaceful day yesterday, than the previous.  Kids are progressing nicely with their lessons, and we are even a bit ahead.  I like to be ahead so when we get to the holidays, and all kinds of activities are going on, we won't fall behind. 

Caitlin finished Charlotte's Web, and if anyone wants their child to read it, but don't want to buy it and library not available, there is an app in the Google app store for the book.  You can read it right on your phone, or tablet.  That is what we did.  She has now moved onto a Magic Tree House Book, Sunset of the Sabertooth.  DJ loved these books, and I am glad I saved them.  Their website is awesome, with a great game the kids can play.  I found two different activities to help her remember key events in the story.  You can click here and here, to use them.  I hope I can find these for all the books.  The Scholastic website also has activities for the books, but just wasn't what I was looking for at this time. 

DJ continues with The Outsiders, and is really enjoying it.  This is a ninth grade level reader, so he is a grade ahead with reading.  He is working his way through the lessons that go with it.  He is a very strong reader, and writer, but frequently ignores the rules of grammar. 

Most of the resources, I both use and share, are usually free.  I do throw in some stuff that is paid for, that I would purchase myself, or will purchase in the future.  I try to remember to post something for all grade levels, not just the grades my kids are in.  At the bottom of this blog is my Amazon Homeschool store.  I do earn a very small percent of each item sold.  Very small, lol!  I have never even made payout yet. 

Today, we have Run Club, finally stopped raining, and tomorrow Earth Kids.  They will be doing activities for the Leafy Seadragon.  One of my favorite animals, or is it a fish?

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