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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Wipeout is actually one of my ring tones on my phone. DJ thinks it is funny. Today right when we started our Run Club, DJ decided to run backwards real fast. He then tripped did some loopy loo in the air and landed right on his forearm. He was in quite a bit of pain and dizzy. So our friend had her car, and gave us a ride home. I iced it and elevated, and he felt a lot better. No swelling, or bruising so no fracture. He was sure he wouldn't be able to do Math, lol! He did Math, trust me.

Lesson Pathways is now working again. So Caitlin can continue with her Language Arts, but only some of the books, then I am switching to Magic Tree House. She will continue Science on The Magic School Bus, and History will be on Lesson Pathways. The only thing DJ uses the pathways for is The Middle Ages, which he is thoroughly enjoying learning. He did some a couple years ago, but is getting into it now a lot.

Tomorrow Caitlin will be doing a Space activity, so be sure to watch for that.

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