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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Top 11 Review

Did you watch last night? It was country night, and I think they all did awesome. I am not a fan of Kris, and Lil Rounds continues to struggle. Michael could have been a little more active, and Alexis Grace, was just OK for me. My two picks Allison, and Adam were awesome. Adam sang Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, and it was creepy, weird, and awesome all at the same time. I think he did a wonderful job with making a rendition for his genre, see the clip below to decide. Allison just never seems to have a bad night, I love her.

It will be interesting to see who goes home, Wednesday night.

Tomorrow is test day, as we have no school Friday. So there are no official lesson plans to post. Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Damien Riley said...

I thought what he did to Ring of Fire was just wrong. I try to keep an open mind with his black hair and black fingernails to match. Didn't work for me at all! It is fun though. So how do you feel about the one they voted off?

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, last night was so strange. I could not believe it was Alexis Grace who left, and Allison in the bottom three. I was stunned to say the least. I do not like the nail polish either, on Adam, it does not however cloud my judgement for his singing abilities.

Melissa said...

My favourites are Anoop, Kris and Danny. I also like Lil Rounds and Allison. I was surprised that Allison and Michael were in the bottom 3 but not surprised that Alexis left. The judges want her to be 'dirty' and I don't think she was comfortable with that.

Melissa said...

That is a good point. I think that is unfair then, if that is why she left. She should not have to be dirty, to be a good singer.

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