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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pilates For PE, and Report Card Time

We have started doing Pilates for PE class. We do it twice a week, and it is not easy. The first week we did it, I thought I was going to die, for real. I am 39, and have not followed a strict exercise regime since before my son was born, nine years ago. Today when we did it, it was easier, and not nearly as painful. I have a reason for doing this, one it is a great option for PE class, and two my back has been hurting me lately, and the stretching helps strengthen, and feels better. We will probably continue with this for the remainder of the school year, supplementing swimming when it is warm enough, and the pool is clean enough.

We have finished our 3rd quarter, of 3rd grade. Here is DJ's report card results:

Language Arts, Spelling, Vocab: 91, from a 97 in 2nd quarter
Reading: E
Reading Comprehension: 98 from a 97 this has improved greatly from the second grade
Writing: Much improved, but still needs to concentrate on capitalization, and sentence structure
Math: 92 from a 92 in second quarter. I have added harder multiplication and division for 4th
Science: 93 from a 96
Health: 94 from a 97
Social Studies: 95 from a 94
Art: S to E

These are posted for record keeping reasons, and so family, and friends who live out of state can watch our progress

Caitlin continues with preschool work, and is progressing nicely.

Lesson Plans for 3/17/09:

Science: Energy and its sources
Writing: Write a story about planting a garden
Spelling: Lesson 24- write each spelling word two times each
Vocabulary: Lesson 24- look up the definition for each word
Math: variables, multiplication, division
Spanish: review
Language Arts: Antonyms, compound subject

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