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Monday, March 9, 2009

American Idol Top 13, Did You Pick Your Favorite?

OMG it was such a beautiful weekend, I completely forgot to do my American Idol post. The top 13 have been chosen, Anoop got in as a surprise extra pick. Every year my husband, myself, and some family and friends have a contest to see who wins. We all put in 10 dollars, and whichever contestant goes the farthest, that person wins the pot. I have won twice, and it is great fun. This year was extremely hard for me. I like them all with the exception of two. This year I picked Allison, and Adam. We pick two so that if one goes out the first or second week, you still have a chance. I really like Scott, Michael, Lil Rounds, and Matt. It will be fun to see how it plays out. So have you picked your favorites. Share in the fun, and see how far you go. I will try to do the post on Fridays, so we have the weekend to discuss it. Have a great Monday, everyone, we are on vacation today through Wednesday.


betchai said...

HI Melissa, Adam is brilliant, so, I think you have another great chance of winning :)

Melissa said...

Ooh I hope so, I hate to lose LOL.

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