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Monday, March 23, 2009

Look Mom I Am Holding A Tiger!

I would like to update everyone on the contest for the Sylvan books. There is still 7 days to enter, rules are posted at the top of this blog. It is simple to enter, and I have three entries so far. On my jewelry blog you can win a brand new Gemstones of the World book. There are 8 days left in that contest, so be sure to check it out. Details are at the top of that blog, as well. My humor blog, I have transferred over to Melissas Garage Sale, though it still has the name melissashumor. I will be listing all items, that we would normally sell at a garage sale. Check it out at

This cute picture was taken yesterday, when we visited a very small local traveling zoo. While they travel all over, they are local to this area. They were offering pictures with a baby tiger cub. I was not real sure, seeing how spunky, and growling it was. But the keeper assured me it was safe, and you see the results. My kids were thrilled, and would not mind getting a picture with the huge python they had. I had to say no to that one. It was a good time, and we took a walk through the flea market after. Which is what gave me the idea for Melissas Garage Sale.

Lesson Plans for 3/24/09:

Science: Animals and Habitats
Writing: Explain how you would push a car up a hill
Spelling: Lesson 25- write each spelling word two times each
Vocabulary: Lesson 25- look up the meaning of each word
Math: Multiplication, division, graphs
Language Arts:
Spanish: review


betchai said...

maybe they already have trained the tiger and tamed it to be safe. i too probably would just be as scared as you. your kids look very happy though and not scared at all, am glad you had a good weekend.

Melissa said...

No they definitely were not scared. They thought it was totally cool. The trainer had all kinds of toys, to divert the attention of the big kitty from the fact people were handling it.

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