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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

History of Communication

Today for Social Studies, we are studying the history of communication. I found that I could not really find a lesson plan I liked on this topic, for a 3rd grader. Until I found a free themed unit, at School Express. They used to have a rule, that you had to sign up for their newsletter, to download their themed units, which is free by the way, but that seems to not be the case anymore. You can go to their website, and download any of their free themed units. I love this communication history one, and am glad I looked there. Here is a short video on the History of Communication, as well.

Lesson Plans for 3/26/09:

Health: Pool safety
Wrting: Write a story about pool safety
Math: Problem solving, multiplication, division
Language Arts: Compound words, plural nouns
Spelling: Lesson 25- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 25- write each vocabulary word, and the meaning 2x each
Spanish: review


betchai said...

thanks for sharing it melissa, i find it that i am learning here with you and your kids :) which is great.

Melissa said...

It's fun, right. There are so many things I have forgotten, I get to learn with them too.

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