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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ron's Pond Scum Very Cool Science

Today for Science class we will be exploring different protozoa , at Ron's Pond Scum This website is so cool. He has taken algae, and other slimy stuff, from his garden pond, and put them under a microscope. He shares the microscope pictures, and details of what each little critter is. This is a great Science project for all kids learning about Protozoa, and such. This is part of our animals, and habitats lesson studies.

Lesson plans for 3/25/09:

Social Studies: History and development of communication
Writing: What is the best form of communication, and why
Math: Multiplication, division, problem solving by adding or subtracting
Language Arts: Compound words, singular and plural nouns
Spanish: review
Spelling: Lesson 25- Write each spelling word two times each, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary: Lesson 25- Use each vocabulary word in a sentence

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