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Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Ahead This Weekend

This Sunday morning at 2 AM we Spring ahead an hour. Yes we lose an hour of sleep, but it means we are that much closer to spring. When we lived in New York, I could not wait for this date. It meant the dark, cold, dreary days of winter were just about over. Here in Florida all it means, is that I have to clean the green, slimy pool because we will need it by April. This is not my pool, but you get the idea, of what mine looks like. Yesterday I drug out the cover, that had fallen in, and all the algae with it. I thought it was going to get me, there was so much. After two gallons of bleach, I can actually see the checks on the bottom of the pool. I guess you know what I will be doing next week. Have a great weekend, everyone. Do not forget to sign up to follow this blog to win 1000 Entrecard credits, see the post below.

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