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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog Anniversary 3/13/09 Contest Win 1000 Entrecard Credits

March 13th is the one year anniversary for, this blog. You can win 1000 Entrecard credits in my Anniversary contest. You have to sign up to follow my blog, to qualify for the contest. Everyone who signs up to follow my blog from now until March 13th will get an entry, with the winner being chosen on the 14th. This post will stay, with no new posts until the 14th. All lesson plans, and other record keeping info will be updated on the 15th. We are off school next Mon, Tues, and Wed, so that is not a big deal. On Thurs and Fri of next week, we will be doing testing, to review information learned, and evaluate what has been learned.


Eryn at said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday! A year, that's awesome! I've only been at it since September, my blog and I practically share a birthday.

You need cupcakes, too :) Keep up the hard work!

Melissa said...

My blog and my wedding anniversary, are only 3 days apart. I don't think I did that on purpose. I actually quite enjoy blogging. Thanks for stopping by.

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