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Friday, March 27, 2009

Pool Safety Keep Your Kids, and Grandkids Safe

As some of my followers know, we have a pool, and two children. Every year, we go over pool safety, and incorporate it into school. These safety tips can be used at a public pool, or even at the springs. The most important point they make, is that you must always watch your children. A child can drown in just minutes, if you look away to talk to someone, or answer the phone, etc. One thing I did not see them say, that we stress very much is rough play. We all know playing rough, and raising cane in the water is great fun. However, it must be kept to a limit especially when there is many people in the pool. Plus jumping off of sides, or ladders in shallow water, another tip I did not hear. Head injuries can be very damaging, and it does not take much of an impact to cause severe disabilities, or death. We test our children every year, sometimes more than once, to be sure they are aware of the rules, and safety issues. My son writes a report, and Caitlin has to answer some questions. Be safe this summer, and enjoy your pool.

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