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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Kids Are Crazy, and Only One Day Left For Contest

I think my kids have lost their marbles. On Thursday, we scrubbed, and cleaned to get the pool all sparkly clean. Not an easy task, I might add. On Saturday they begged my husband to let them go swimming, and he let them. My daughter had teeth chattering, but she did not want to get out. My husband got in too, and I think they all need to see a shrink. While it has been warm, that water, which we just put in, is freezing. Not me, no way, not until about May.

At the top of this blog, you will see a contest for a set of Sylvan workbooks. Tomorrow is the very last day you can enter, with the winner being drawn on the 31st. I have four entries so far. It is easy to enter, and easy to win. This contest is sponsored by Sylvan Learning Center, do not miss out on these awesome 4th grade workbooks.

There is no school tomorrow, so I have no lesson plan to post. Have a great Sunday, everyone.


betchai said...

kids i think always love the water regardless of the temperature. i am waiting for summer to get a dip in the ocean.

Melissa said...

It is like they have no sensation, for cold. I do not usually get in until end of April, or early May.

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