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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

History of St Patrick's Day

Do you know the history of St Patrick's Day? I did not know, or remember the real history of the day. Mostly it is just a day for drinking, right? No not at all, view the video below to see. These are my kids dressed in their best green duds, aren't they cute.
Did you know that the traditional meal, is Bacon, and potatoes, and that it is ok to cheat on your Lent promise for just this one day? I will have to see if my husband will be tempted. I do not like corn beef, and cabbage, so we will not be having that. However, I did find a clover cookie cutter, and I am going to make clover muffins for dinner. I hope everyone has a superb St Patrick's Day.


betchai said...

wow, thanks for sharing the history Melissa. I never knew about this before too.

Melissa said...

I thought it was neat too. I had no idea St Patrick's Day meant all that it does.

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