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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Top Eight : My Picks

This week American Idol's theme was the year they were born. I was a little disappointed with a lot of what they sang. I really like Scott, but the judges did not. My top three picks this week were, Adam, Allison, and Matt. Danny is just Ok for me, my son loves him though. I have to give hats off to Anoop also, as he continues to improve every week. I am not sure he can win, but I like him. Adam sang a song from Tears for Fear that I had never heard before, but it was awesome. Allison did a Bonnie Rait song, that I loved. Matt did some playing around with a classic Stevie Wonder song, and I thought it was fabulous. How did your favorites fare this week?


Anne said...

I don't watch American Idol, but am a huge fan of 80's music. If they were only a little older. I am glad I missed that one, it would just make me feel old.

Nessa said...

My faves are Adam, Matt and Allison :D They did awesome. Lil for me is overrated.

Melissa said...

Anne it is a lot of fun, not that I am trying to persuade you lol.

Nessa Those are my favorites too, though I think Adam is unbeatable.

Femmepower said...

Can't help but comment though I'm a little bit late on this, lol! I'm an American Idol fanatic. I think Adam Lambert deserves to win the title because he is has the best singing prowess, versatility, star factor, and everything else. he knows his genre and he never fails to wow the audience everytime he comes up on stage. I also like Danny Gokey and Chris Allen and my daughter adores Allison. I hope our bets don't get eliminated early. Matt has the talent but I think what's lacking in him is the charm, which is quite important for a talent/popularity contest like this.

Melissa said...

Never too late to comment on a fun post. I think you are right about Matt, but he seems to be coming around. I do not know why Danny just does not do it for me, he can definitely sing. Kris is way too boring for me.

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