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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ridiculous Airline Rule

I have time for just a quickie post today. First did anyone notice I spelled Britain wrong, twice. I noticed it this morning, when checking my blog. Oh well, it is great to be not so perfect.

I heard something so ridiculous this morning, that I burst out laughing. It seems passengers on airplanes are complaining, when they have to sit next to a heavy set person. They complain they come over into their seat, and take up their space. Ok that is probably a fair complaint. I do not think I would want to be forced to share my seat with a complete stranger. However one airline in their infinite wisdom, charge an obese passenger for two seats, but the seats were not together. What, are you kidding me? How does that help the over weight passenger, or the passenger whose seat they are taking up space in. This leads me to believe the airline does not give a rats behind about the passenger that complained, but that it is about getting money in any way that they can. Come on this is absurd. If you are going to charge someone who is a little bit larger than the average passenger, for two seats, don't you think they should at least be next to each other, and I do not mean one seat on one side of the aisle and the seat next to it is across the aisle. Sometimes I think companies are just greedy, and will come up with any old excuse to rip you off.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.


betchai said...

it really sound ridiculous, you are right, it is more about gaining more money since like what you said, the heavy passenger was not offered two seats, but just one still.

ps.... i am in blogspot now too, my new blog is

it does not have a lot in there yet, hopefully, in time....

Melissa said...

Oh Yay be sure to add it to the yahoo groups so we can start getting traffic to it.

betchai said...

thanks, Melissa. I actually bought a domain at blogger, it is $10 for one year, so it will be changed in 3 days I think, meantime, it is still

I will add or change it at our yahoo groups when it is already more stable in the new domain.

thanks for the support always.

how funny it is, if yu did not tell me about the wrong spelling of britain, i would have not noticed it, i read before that somehow our mind does not really look at all the letters when we read, that is why we still can read correctly sometimes even if the letters are jumbled or the word is mis-spelled.

Leo Mar said...

I also read that post before but I didn't notice the wrong spelling. Anyway, I would have to agree that some companies are too greedy and they are just out to make more profits.

Melissa said...

I didn't notice it until the next day when I went back to check for comments. I thought wow that looks funny, and felt like it stuck out like a big red flag saying, look I can not spell LOL. I was going to fix it, and then I thought nah it adds humility to the blog.

Nhil said...

This is sooo true, with this financial crisis and everything that has to do with credit crunch, companies should have been more customer centered than profit centered. All they care is for the business to survive, whew!

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