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Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day, and Scientific Method

Tomorrow in Science we are learning about Scientific Method. Since my son is only in third grade, we are not covering the more complicated issues this year. We will be watching the short video below, with discussion to follow.

Earth Day is Wednesday April 22nd. We already do a lot of the things to help save our Earth. We pick up garbage, when we are out walking. We turn off our lights when not in use. Car pool, when we can, and do not drive if not necessary. We do not turn on our air conditioning until we have to, and then set it at the most bearable level. We reuse items when we can, rather than throw them away. We conserve our water, whenever possible. We also use those new GE energy lightsaver bulbs. I have to say they are pretty cool. We also plant a small garden ever year, I will get to that another day.

On Wednesday we will be planting a rose bush, for Earth Day. We already have quite a few trees, so we decided with the plant this year.

School Express
offers several free themed units, for Earth Day. We chose the one on Pollution, and will be starting it tomorrow. I also found some other great sites for Earth Day, check them out, and use them in your teachings, if you choose.

Lesson Plans for 4/20/09:

Reading: Pages 77-97 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Math: Problem solving, multiplication, division
Movie Day

Lesson Plans for 4/21/09:

Science: Scientific Method, Pollution themed unit
Writing: Write a science story
Spelling: Lesson 28- Write each spelling word 2x each
Vocabulary: Lesson 28- Look up the definition for each vocabulary word
Math: Problem solving, multiplication, division
Language Arts: Practice spelling with double consonants, pronouns
PE: 30 minutes


Laura said...

I think for Earth Day we will work in the yard and garden to get it ready for planting.

PerfectMomentProject said...

Learning Earth Day lessons....
whether you want to or not.How one grandson taught his grandma a lesson in loving the earth.

Melissa said...

Laura, my husband loves to clean up the yard and make it look nice. Then my dog and kids love to mess it all back up.

Perfect mom project I loved your story, thanks for sharing it.

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