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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Green Thumb Got A Little Greener

Do you see that, those are tomatoes. If you have been reading my blog, you know as part of our Science classes we plant things. The very first year we got a big fat F. Last year probably a B- or a C. We did get some tomatoes, but I think only two LOL. So I have been reading, and learning. Who knew growing a garden was so hard. Farmers have been doing it for centuries, and they certainly did not have all these fancy things we have now. Plus I want a natural garden, with no pesticides, not so easy. I found this awesome web site, that I use for all kinds of gardening help. The site does load a little slow, but it is worth the wait. We have lettuce, and onions coming up, too. They were planted a long time ago, and hopefully will produce good results. If you plant the onions with your lettuce, the bugs will not eat your lettuce. Who knew, and it seems to be working. One thing that I did learn is that the soil here stinks literally. It is dry, and practically devoid of all nutrients. I pot planted all of my plants, and then when they were big enough put them into the Earth in their original pot dirt. It seems to be working wonderfully. We just started Cukes, which will be staying in the pots, because they take up a lot of room to grow, and we are going to see if they will just vine up the porch rails. They certainly grow fast, I did them by seed on Sunday, and already they are up and going. I am going to try red peppers again, though I have never ever, not even once got a pepper to grow. They will be pot planted as well, and probably stay in the pots. We have all kinds of underground bugs that literally eat the plants from the bottom up. Wish me luck, we are hoping for an A this year, with lots of vegetables to show for it. My kids get a kick out of it, because I get so frustrated. They just like to dig in the dirt, and watch them grow, the fruits of their labor. Too bad we never get enough to sustain even a squirrel.

Tomorrow is test day, so I have no lesson plans to post. Have a great day, everyone.


Anne said...

Thank you for sharing that site. I have a black thumb and want to grow things every year. I have gotten a couple of tomatoes and a couple of strawberries but that is it. Maybe your site can help me grow more this summer.

betchai said...

congratulations, Melissa, for the success you now have in your garden. I think I have a green thumb :) I wonder why our lettuce are very healthy, I did not know it is good to have onions with them. I actually just threw the seeds and the onions just sprout every late winter and by spring we have a nice lettuce garden, yes, no use of pesticides at all :) thanks for sharing your gardening tips

Lynn said...

That's great! We are going to try to grow some herbs. I've checked the almanac and I think April 30th will be the day to plant. I've never had much luck with flowers and have never tried vegetables. I will have to remember that website.

Leomar said...

Good luck on your gardening activities! I hope you get the A this year. I also have a green thumb but since I moved to the city I never got the opportunity to plant.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. Leomar if you check out that website it will give you some ideas for planting without a yard.

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