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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wrestlemania 25

Last night was the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. It was my son's first time watching the wrestling event. My husband, and I both grew up watching wrestling, though I have not followed it in about 10 years. My son, who is almost 9, just started watching it with my husband. I am sure we explain to him how it is written, and not real, especially when they talk about story lines where brothers burn down their brothers house, and kill their dog. He found this very upsetting, especially since the bad brother won the match. I did not see a lot of sex, and trash this year, which is one of the reasons he has never watched it before. I screen it carefully, and my husband knows what he can see, and not see. He had a ball, and thoroughly enjoyed his boy, the Undertaker, beating my boy Shawn Michaels. I only watched parts of it, and I have to see it was good, not sure if it was worth 40 dollars, but Kidd Rock did put on an awesome show. I never knew they did rock concerts as a part of Wrestlemania. The one disappointment for me, was that the script did not write in for the Legends of wrestling to beat Jerricho, I thought that was very tacky. Hats off to the legends for even getting in the ring, with him. I think most of them are pushing 60. Did you watch it? What did you think?

We are on Spring Break this week, so no lesson plans will be posted until next week. Have a great Monday, everyone. Please note I will be adding the missing children widget at the end of each post, some of these kids have gone missing as early as today. Please look at it, and see if you can help.


Anne said...

Enjoy your spring break! I haven't watched wrestling since college. It used to be a good Saturday early afternoon activity.

Julie McClelland said...

Here in Australia we are coming up to a two week term break.

My sons 17 and 16 love watching the wrestling. My two older boys now 21 and 24 used to watch with their father when they were your son's age. All glued.

Must be a boy thing.

Have a great break.

Melissa said...

Well not just boys, my sisters and I loved it. We were probably the exception, more than the rule. Have a great day guys, thanks for stopping by.

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