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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Entrecard, and Adgitize

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Below are the pictures of my kids Easter morning, going to church. The bunny cake, came out good, it was nice and moist. I think he looks kind of psychotic, but kids wanted no candy on it, just frosting, so you can see my artistic abilities with frosting drawing.

I would like to talk about Entrecard, for a minute. I have been reading blogs, and contemplating all the issues surrounding Entrecard. First I would like to know if anyone knows how we can cash in credits. I read their blog which explained the algorithim of who was getting paid, in what order, but there was nothing about how to do it. If anyone knows I would love to know too. I have been using Entrecard for a full year, and for a full year, it was completely free. All they asked was for us to be supportive to Entrecard. Now they want to earn some money, and I can not see how I can fault them for that. Running a website is very expensive. At first I was kind of peeved, because basically we were putting paid ads on our blog, and they were making money off of us. No I do not think so. Then they said, we could earn a portion of the profits, Ok that would work for me. I am accepting paid ads, but they do have to be in the category of my blog. All three of my blogs, are doing that. As for the issue of those who use their credits to exchange advertising only, on others blogs, I do not think 50% of the advertising space is unfair. Since it is free, and I am a member of Entrecard, I can not find fault with this. I do not want to pay for advertising, so biting the hand that is giving me free advertising, simply does not make sense to me. Yes I do spend a great deal of time, doing Entrecard, but it is no more than time I would spend at other Social Networks, traffic exchanges or other advertising means, and not get nearly as good results as I have gotten with Entrecard. So that is my take on Entrecard. I am still waiting to see how they sell back option is going to work.

Now to Adgitize. I am actually quite adgitated with Adgitize. I was making an average of 6 cents per day, and did make payout. Now I am clicking more of the blogs, way more, and my earnings are down to 1-2 cents a day. This will not work for me, should it continue. As with any other program I am a member of, I will give it 30 days, re evaluate, and then probably leave. I do not know why the earnings has decreased so much, but since I am doing more work, it does not make me happy.

Lesson Plans for 4/14/09:

Science: Earth Satellites
Writing: A satellite is heading for Earth, what will happen
Spelling: Lesson 27 Write each spelling word two times each
Vocabulary: Look up the definition for each vocabulary word
Math: Subtract 4 digit numbers, multiplication, division
Language Arts: Personal narrative, pronouns


JPSO said...

I love your postings. Great blog. Keep it up. I saw you on mylot that is why I was able to find your blog. I am now your follower. Best to you and keep those post coming!

Femmepower said...

me too, i share the same the view about adgitize.see the leaderboard and both our blogs are almost of the same level.meaning we're earning almost the same cents per day after several hrs of facing the computer.sigh.nevertheless,i'm just holding on for the to entrecard,i don't know how to encash credits too but i'm hoping they'll unveil the full guidelines in no time.i guess we're on the same boat.but cheers,at least we found each other,lol!

Femmepower said...

and i like your bunny cake too!really cute!so sad i don't know how to bake so i can't make one like this.

Melissa said...

JPSO, thank you and I am glad you enjoy your time here. Thanks for following.

Femmepower I know it kind of stinks. I had such hopes for adgitize. Maybe it will turn around. Yes, I am very glad we have found each others blogs. It is great having friend is blosphere. Have a great day to the both of you.

Laura said...

Your bunny cake is so cute! As for Entrecard, I am sticking around, I have made some great blogging friends from belonging to them. I don't really care about the controversy over paid ads. And if they are going to eventually pay me for my credits, then I am happy.

igvirene said...

Hi Melissa, I was also earning like 2 to 3 cents per day on Adgitize. I once earned about 0.23 last April 7 when I click the blogs on there and really click the ads. That day I focus on Adgitize and did not click for EC. I was a member of Adgitize for a month and you're right, the earnings have decreased. Last March my earnings are higher though the clicks are lower. Hmmm.

betchai said...

i like your bunny cake Melissa, I would have not guessed it is a cake since it looks like a bunny toy, so real. we are not allowed to use Entrecard anymore at Today because of the new ad regulations at EC, but I am thankful that I met a lot of fellow good bloggers through the site. and I am glad you started the yahoo groups too.

Leomar said...

I am sticking with Entrecard and I will be supportive of their new ad regulation. I don't see anything wrong if they want to earn some money for a system we have enjoyed for a long time. As for Adgitize, i will give it another month or two and see if the widget is worth keeping.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you for your comments. Betchai I read about the new Today rules, that is a shame. Leomar, I agree with you. Igiverine I am clicking way more than I was, and making a lot less. It just does not seem right.

Heathen Mom said...

I am staying with entrecard for the time being as well. Free advertising is always a good thing. I still hold the paid ads to the same requirements I always have the ones paid by ec credits. I have rejected a few just because of the topic of the sites (get rick quick, etc). I am also doing some paid advertising at entrecard and project wonderful (which I found because of your site). I think many people just freaked about the changes at entrecard. I will wait until the dust settles before I form a lasting opinion.

Melissa said...

I really like Project Wonderful. It has worked well for me. Good luck with it.

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