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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wow Nasty Storms, Flooding, Satellites

I have been awake since 3:30 AM dealing with nasty rain, thunder, lightning, and wind. My husband, and kids pretty much slept through it, but my loving dog needed to sit on my lap, for six hours. I finally could just get back online, the wind kept knocking out the power. We have been in tornado watches, since last night. They finally ended for us, but it just came over the weather radio that one was spotted just south of here, in Pasco, and Lake county. We really did not need the 4 or 5 inches of rain, we got over night. All the local springs, Manatee, Hart, and Fanning are all flooding, as well as the Santa Fe, and Suwannee Rivers. They are not expected to crest until sometime Saturday. While we are not immediately close to any of these bodies of water, we do know people who are. It is a stressful kind of time.

Today for science we are covering Satellites. I came across this very cool website, that is free, and awesome. Check it out for all your space learning needs. Go here to check it out.

Lesson Plans for 4/15/09:

Social Studies: Cultures- Chinese New Year
Writing: Write a story about respecting others
Math: Subtract 4 digit numbers, multiplication, division
Language Arts: review skills, possessive pronouns
Spelling: Lesson 27- write each spelling word two times each, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary: Lesson 27- use each vocabulary word in a sentence.


Chun Wong said...

Hope the weather improves for you soon - your poor dog! Good that the kids slept through it though!

betchai said...

hope the weather will improve over there Melissa. hope that nothing will be knocked out from the strong winds near your home.

Melissa said...

Today it is nice, and sunny, but kind of chilly for this time of year. Thanks to both of you.

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