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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 29th Bloggers Unite For Hunger

This is something that is close to my heart, because I really do not see any reason for anyone to be starving, and hungry. Heifer International, is using the month of April to help people learn to plant, grow, and harvest their own food. They supply the seeds, and the knowledge to get this done. I can not think of a more worth cause, then helping to rid the world of hunger.

April 29th Bloggers Unite for Hunger and Hope. Just by blogging about this topic, you can help feed a hungry person. Knowledge is power, and the more we know, the more we can help. Every day children are starving, all around the world. Some have no clean water to drink, and I have even read stories of them making mud cakes that they sell, and eat. Here are some of the startling facts I have learned.

WHO says 1/3 of children are underfed, and another 1/3 are starving. Think about that, that is a lot of children.

More than 500 million people live in, absolute poverty. Not they can not afford cable, or a cell phone, but absolute poverty some with no electricity, running water, or food to eat.

In the US 46% of African American children, and 49% of Latino children are considered chronically hungry.

No matter what your personal feelings are as to why hunger still exists in this world, it should not be. With all the money, and wealth so many countries have, why do children still suffer, and die. Why do we make it a personal, or political issue, instead of a humanity issue? Would you like to help, here are some ways you can.

Join this event and add a badge to your blog before April 29.
Watch for upcoming news releases and topic backgrounders.
Visit Heifer International to learn more about Pass On The Gift.
Make a small donation or take some other action to end world hunger.

If everyone gave just one dollar, think of how much you could help a starving child.

Lesson Plans for 4/29/09:

Social Studies: Consumers, and producers
Writing: Write a letter
Math: Graphs, multiplication, division
Language Arts: Linking verbs, writing a description
Spelling: Lesson 29- write each spelling word and circle the vowels
Vocabulary: Lesson 29- Use each vocabulary word in a sentence


betchai said...

thanks a lot for sharing melissa, you are very correct, it should not be a personal nor political issue, it is about humanity.

Melissa said...

I can honestly say I do not understand why people do not see that.

Easton Ellsworth said...

Thanks for this post, Melissa. There's a page set up for people to give to Heifer in connection with this event:

I've been blessed with the opportunity to help organize this event and I hope to use a quote from your post in a coming wrap-up article.

Melissa said...

Thank you I would be honored for you to use my quote, I hope lots of people give a little.

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