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Thursday, April 2, 2009

And Now We Have Eight

The very beautiful, Megan Joy was voted off of American Idol, last night. That leaves us with 8 contestants left. I really like Megan. She has a unique voice, and look. I hope she does well. I was actually surprised that Matt survived the bottom three this week. I did not care for his song at all. Allison again made the bottom three. They made fun of her dress, and her hair, but she survived. Adam, and Danny were my top picks this week. Making it the top of my list, for the first time, is Kris. He sang beautifully, though I still find him a bit boring. How did your favorites do this week?

Lesson Plans For 4/2/09: Half Day

Language Arts: Pronouns, poem writing
Math: Round 4 digit numbers, estimating
Spelling: Lesson 26- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 26- write each vocabulary, and definition two times each

Tomorrow is test day.


Signe said...

I was surprised by Kris, too. It was the first time we really liked him as well.
I liked Megan, but I thought it was pretty bad. And I really didn't like her "I don't care" comment. Yeah, disagree, but that went overboard.

Melissa said...

My husband likes Kris, but I still think he is a bit boring. I am glad Allison did not go home. Who is your favorite?

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