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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Britians Got Talent, American Idol, Nutrition For Kids

Last night on American Idol the judges used their save, to keep Matt in the competition. It was exciting, and that means two contestants will go home next week, which is Disco week. That should be fun. I still do not understand the popularity of Kris, but that is just my opinion.

On the news this morning, they were going on about a woman named Susan Boyle. Seems Britian has a version of American Idol called Brits Got Talent. This woman is amazing. She is 48 yrs old, with the voice of an angel. But what makes her extra special is just herself alone. She is not young, she is not hip looking, but she has a wonderful set of pipes. I could not post the video, because it is disabled, but you can copy and paste the address below, and go watch her for yourself. It really is amazing.

Today for Health class we are covering Nutrition. Below is a Disney video geared at teaching kids about nutrition. It is really cute, check it out. This is a supplement to our work book nutrition papers.

Tomorrow, is test day. Have a great Thursday, everyone.


Laura said...

Susan Boyle has a beautiful voice. I guess she showed everyone who laughed at her.

Femmepower said...

I dropped my jaw when I heard her voice.Honestly,I was guilty of prejudging her by her looks.I really thought it would be a female version of William Hung.Turns out,she's got raw talent.I was stunned.And definitely felt guilty.It's a glaring example of "Don't judge the book by its cover." I'll never look at the physical aspect the same way again.Besides,I'm not a supermodel myself.Way to go, Susan Boyle!you're a star!

Melissa said...

I know right, everyone was laughing at her, and poking fun, then she opened her mouth, and sang. Didn't they all look like fools. I really do try my best not to just see the outside of a person, but see the whole person. Sometimes society gets the better of us unfortunately.

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