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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Child Sent Home With A Turd In His Backpack!

When I first read this headline, I was baffled as to what might be the real issue here. Must be my mind does not think of the wicked, and down right nasty. This kindergarten child, with special needs, in Washington State was sent home with a turd in his backpack. Attached to the turd was a note from the teacher, saying this turd was found on her floor, in her classroom. Ugh what is wrong with this woman, she is just sick. To make it all even worse, the school has not released her of her duties, or even suspended her. I can not tell you how outrageous this is. First let me say I am not a woosy parent who does not believe in discipline for children. However, I am a parent that finds adults who bully, manipulate, demean, or in other ways are just plain cruel to be a waste of society. What does this teacher possibly have to offer any student, with a mentality such as hers. If teachers are over worked, and can not handle their duties, please be responsible and leave the job. I can not understand why she has not been charged with child abuse.

That is my rant for this Sunday, stay tuned for next week, I am sure something will get me excited. Have a great day.

Lesson plans for 4/27/09:

Reading: Read pages 97-117 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Art: Figurine painting
Math: Graphs, multiplication, Division
PE: 30 minutes


Sandi said...

that is absolutely disgusting. There is NO excuse for that at all. Ew!

Lynn said...

that is really horrible! What in the world was that teacher thinking?

Melissa said...

I have no idea, but this woman has no place in teaching.

Call Center Gal said...

What could be the worst thing after this? That teacher should be suspended.

Melissa said...

I know, how much more demeaning can she be

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