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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disco Week on American Idol, and Stranger Danger

Last night on American Idol, was kind of funny for me. Adam came out on top for me, with Allison second, the rest I really just did not care for at all. They can all sing, but I did not care for the way they changed, or interpreted the music. Most of them didn't even sound like Disco. I think Lil, or Anoop will probably go home this week. How did your favorites do?

Tomorrow for health class we will be talking about Stranger Danger. Aside from going over safety tips, phone numbers, addresses, how, and when to fight back, and other information, my kids will watch this short video on the topic.

Lesson Plans for 4/23/09:

Health: Stranger Danger
Writing: Write a story about a germ
Spelling: Lesson 28- put your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Lesson 28- Write each vocab word, and definition 2x each
Language Arts: Capitalization, action verbs
PE: 30 minutes


leomar said...

Since Matt was saved last week, I think two finalists will go home this week. I guess it will be Anoop, Lil or Matt.

Melissa said...

Yes two go home this week. I think Lil, and Anoop probably.

Nessa said...

My faves are Adam and Allison. Bottom 2 would be Matt and Lil. I hope Allison won't get eliminated, but I have a bad feeling about tomorrow :(

Laura said...

I agree with you Melissa. I like Adam and Allison the most. I really think Lil is out of her league along with either Anoop or Matt.

Melissa said...

Well it starts in just a few minutes, and then we will all know. I am actually a bit of a conspiray theororist. I think now that they went and used their save on Matt, just a so so singer, someone at the top, and unexpected could be bye bye. Have to wait and see, if I am right.

Femmepower said...

my hunch was right - lil and anoop went home.i found it disappointing that i didn't really hear disco from the batch's usual i was biased over adam even though i would have wanted to hear the original tune of "If I Can't Have You" coz I really missed that song.sigh. anyway, i got a tag for you.pls check it out at

Melissa said...

Yes, goodbye to Anoop, and Lil not much surprise there.

Nhil said...

I like how Adam is constantly reinventing himself. And oh, it was so humble for him to acknowledge the arranger of the songs everytime he had the chance. That's the mistake of some professional singers. They think the success was all due to their craft where in fact it won't be possible without the help of other creative people like the writers, composers, arrangers among others. :)

Sorry got carried away. :)

Melissa said...

That is a very good point. Adam is very humble, and thankful for the opportunity he has been given.

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