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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun Friday 5 Things About Me

I recently started a yahoo group, for bloggers. It is called Blogging For Fun, and it really is just for fun, and support of fellow bloggers. We had some discussions about having a weekly topic, so we are giving it a try, to see if everyone joins, in, and likes it. The first one for Fun Friday, is easy tell 5 things about yourself. It can be real simple, or as advanced as they want. So here are mine.

1- I am not very photogenic. I really do not even like my picture taken. I think it is hereditary, none of my siblings do either. This picture was taken last August, at Chuck E Cheese. It is about 1 hr from our home, in Florida, and it was about 100 degrees, with no air in the car. I felt wilted, and sweaty lol. However, it was freezing in Chuck E Cheese and wish I had brought a sweater.

2- I am married, with two beautiful children, ages 8, and 4.

3- I am a nurse, only part time now, and have been since the age of 17.

4- We relocated from upstate NY, 4 yrs ago, to Florida to be with my mother who was here all by herself. She suffers from Fibromyalgia, and really needed to be where it was warm, though away from her whole family.

5- I am stubborn, strong willed, confident, but kind, and loving. I am a Leo.

I look forward to everyone in the group sharing 5 things about themselves.

Happy Fun Friday, everyone. Have a great weekend, mine will be crazy, probably for the next 3 weekends.


sandy said...

5 things for Friday...interesting idea
like you I am not photogenic, but my entire family is, so no clue why I'm not
I love wine, and am allergic to beer
I love to be outdoors
I hate housework (though am trying to get the laundry done
I'm generally a very organized person, though at the moment very unmotivated.

have a good wkend, and swing in for a visit welcome mats always out

Laura said...

I hate having my picture taken. You should have seen the agony I went through when I had the interview with the news about my WFHM Blog.

Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

I am not terribly photogenic either. I think it is amazing that you moved down to Florida to be with your mom. That is fabulous.

I didn't participate this week, by the time I got the email, it was too late :). Maybe next week.

betchai said...

hi Melissa, same here, I am not photogenic either :), I carefully choose the pictures I have to show, and usually it is chosen from hundreds of them :)

I think I mentioned it you before that I really admire you and your family for choosing to be closer with your mom. Hope she's well.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

Pinay Freelancer said...

I always love to meet nurses (online) from all over the world.

Maybe because I feel that nurses are genuinely caring and compassionate. When you say part time, how many hours do you spend in the hospital during your shift?
Your kids are quite lucky to have a nurse mom like you, they always have an immediate professional care if they need one.

Now, this reminds me to have my share. :) It is never too late anyway, right? :)

Melissa said...

For many years I worked full time, plus in a local hospital. Since moving to Florida, and deciding to homeschool, I only work every Friday night, in a local nursing home. There is no hospital here, yet lol. I must admit it is nice to have medical knowledege, especially when there were times were our health insurance coverage was less than great. I look forward to reading everyones Fun Friday posts. Have a great day.

Leomar said...

I am also a Leo. I love taking pictures of my family and friends but I also don't want my picture taken.

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