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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Annoying Homeschool Questions

This girl is funny, talking about annoying questions she has been asked about homeschooling. Yes, I have been asked most of these about my kids, as well. I think people are more curious than annoying, though it does get old if they keep it up.


Laura said...

Loved it! I watched it with my daughter and she just agreed with everything the girl said on the video. People ask the weirdest things when you homeschool.

betchai said...

i can relate with what she is feeling, though i was not homeschooled, but i met some homeschooled students and they sometimes share to me what they feel with others misunderstanding them for something :(

i wonder why others think just because you are homeschooled you are socially challenged, but like what you said, they may be curious as well.

Melissa said...

Sadly there are some people who homeschool their children for reasons that are not beneficial to the child. These are unfortunately the stories that get covered in the media, and what people remember.

Anne said...

I think many people who do not home school their children are curious (I know I am). While I am sure there are some people who are judgy, it sounds like you give questioners the benefit of the doubt.

Tellie said...

Very interesting! I've never had any of these questions about people that were homeschooled, but then again I was always surrounded by people who were homeschooled. To me some of the answers seem quite obvious.

I am thinking about homeschooling my kids if and when I have them, provided that it's financially feasible.

Mom said...

I love it when people ask me questions. I can talk about home schooling for hours and hours and hours... Luckily, family is so accommodating ... and there's always my blog to fill in for when they are all sick of listening to me.

Melissa said...

I obviously think homeschooling is wonderful, but not everyone does. I do not mind questions at all, as long as they are respectful I am not disrespectful to them, for sending their kids to public school.

Andrea said...

I'll need to show the video to my oldest son, who desperately wants to be homeschooled!

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