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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 39th Birthday Craig, Hot Dogs, and Fourth of July

Yep that's right, yesterday was my son's birthday, today is my husband's birthday. Cake, ice cream, swimming, and relaxation, that is what is on the menu for today. At some point I will catch up on online stuff, and housework LOL.

I love to share tidbits of info, that I never knew before. I hated history in school, now I find it fascinating, and wish I had paid more attention. For example, did you know that Congress did not officially make the 4th of July a national holiday until 1931, 61 years after it was proposed.

Hot dog history:

Where did the name hot dog come from? There is a legend told that a cartoonist, at a baseball game heard a vendor yelling get your red hot dachshund sausages. The cartoonist drew a dachshund in a bun, but because he did not know how to spell, dachshund, he wrote, Get your hot dogs. It is said that no one ever actually saw that cartoon.

When was the first hot dog served with a roll? Like lots of things in history, this is a debated topic. There are some who say it was introduced at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904, while others say German immigrants, introduced the sausage on a bun idea, to Americans.

What is in a hot dog? You may never eat one again, after you know. Hot dogs are cured, and cooked sausages that consist of pork, beef, chicken, and turkey, or a combination of all. Other ingredients include water, curing agents, garlic, salt, sugar, ground mustard, nutmeg, coriander, and white pepper. If other meats are used in the making of hot dogs federal laws state it must be listed on the package. Be sure to read your packages!

Which baseball stadiums consume the most hot dogs? Dodgers Stadium in LA in 2005 consumed 1,674,400 hot dogs.

How many hot dogs do American eat each year? Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year, or about 70 hot dogs per person each year. I am certain I do not add to that number.

What is the most popular condiment for hot dogs? Mustard for adults, and ketchup for children, of course.

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betchai said...

oh wow, happy birthday to your husband as well Melissa. Sounds like you will have another great today, hope you and your family have fun and enjoy the celebration.

femmepower said...

hehe another celebration, eh? happy bday to your hubby.

glad to know some interesting facts about hotdogs. it's really popular even here in the Philippines. my daughter is so picky with food but she gobbles a lot of hotdogs. i've seen the hotdog-eating contest you had there and i was really awed to see the winning guy eat up all 68 hotdogs with buns!!!wow!where did he put all that? lol.

Leomar said...

Interesting facts. Now i know what is in a hotdog.

BTW happy birthday to your husband!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys it was a crazy weekend, but a lot of fun.

Tellie said...

Wow, back to back birthdays?? Happy birthday to both of them! Thanks for all the doggy facts :) I always thought the hot dog was introduced in the world fair, but what do i know? I just assume every American food was introduced in the world fair.

Melissa said...

Tellie I really had no idea, until I read the article. It is amazing what info is available if you look around a bit.

cherie said...

haha - what do you know, i had a birthday on july 6! fortyville...

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