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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glenn Beck Has Some Issues

First of all if you have not heard the clip yet, please listen to it, before you respond. I think Glenn Beck is a true conservative, and a patriot, but he rally is crazy, and has no people skills. I have listened, and or watched several times, and wondered how his eyes don't just explode outside his head. However, the radio show episode yesterday, was really uncalled for. Now granted he has complained incessantly about all the bailouts, and money this country is spending, and the woman that called had never listened to his show before, so accusing him of such was not wise. However she did raise a very valid point, that the wealthy, and well insured refuse to answer. What would you do if you had no health insurance? They will not answer this, because they have no idea what that really means. They keep saying you can get health care, you can go to the ER, the clinic, or whatever. Well no see technically that is not true. If you go to the hospital for care, if you even get seen, because they will do everything in their power, like long wait times, to not see you, you still get a bill. A bill that will cost no less than 250 dollars, and that is if you get no real treatment at all, and a referral to see a primary care doctor, which will cost you no less than 250 dollars, to see maybe a PA, not a doctor, and still get no treatment. It is a vicious cycle, and the real issue behind health care reform. Yes, maybe people don't really want higher taxes, and it will cost a lot of money, but it really is unfair for all US citizens to not have access to GOOD health care. Take the one point he made, where he said other well off citizens, from other countries, were coming here to get treatment rather than getting it in their own country where health care is provided. Think about that, why do you think that is? It is because they have money, and if you have money you get to bypass everyone else, and get the treatment you want. Not necessarily the treatment you need, but want, and want it now. We are a society of impatience, we think we need, and deserve everything right now, this minute. Try affording MS medication, cancer, Aids, or any other number of illnesses where the medication is so absurdly expensive, if you do not have health insurance, you will not get it. You might just as well kiss your ass goodbye, and just die. Is that fair, is that what we want to be known for in this country of the greatest countries. I understand the all conservative pledge, and though I consider myself a conservative, I find some of them cruel, and the idea that you take care of yourself, and only yourself, is one of them. Universal Health Care IS a right, to all US citizens, not just those who can afford it, or are lucky enough to have it through their job. Which by the way, even if you have health insurance, you can easily go broke, before all they care about is making money, not whether you get the care you need, and deserve. Reform is needed, and soon, how they pay for it is another question. Tort reform, plus reform to drug companies, and insurance companies is a must. I am always curious why they scream and holler, but never make the point that all of us that work, or own our own homes, pay for uninsured through the Medicaid program. We ALREADY pay for it. WE ALREADY pay for the uninsured, through a tax on our own health insurance. WE ALREADY PAY FOR IT!!! I would think if everyone had health insurance, there would be no need for Medicaid, or the tax the insured already pay, to cover those who are uninsured.


Reg Fife said...

I agree that Glenn went overboard here, and I also agree that anyone and everyone should be able to afford the healthcare they need.

However, I get nervous when people say that healthcare should be a "right". To draw an analogy, eating food is, in a sense, more important than medical care. You need to eat most every day to stay healthy, you don't need to see the doctor every day unless there's something wrong with you. Yet, even with most liberals, the general expectation is that you should pay for your own groceries. We help those that can't afford to pay for their groceries, but I've never heard anyone say US citizens have a "right" to food, with the implication that everyone should pay the goverment to make sure everyone is fed. Granted, the current system makes it difficult for people to pay for their own healthcare, and that should definitely be fixed, but it should fixed so that responsible people can take care of themselves with their own resources. We can keep Medicare and Medicaid for now, but we should work towards a time where few, if any, people need it.

Melissa said...

I'm not sure that the right to health care is what you are thinking. But like groceries, gas,, and any other consumer product Americans do have the right to not be gouged, or ripped off. Did you know if you are uninsured, and you need to see a Dr, you will be charged double what someone with insurance is charged. Did you know that doctors, and other providers can actually refuse to see you, if you are uninsured, and can not pay the 225 dollars most require you to pay to be seen? These practices are unfair, and should be reformed. I am not saying doctors should not make money, or even get rich, but 225 dollars just to walk in the room, and be seen, maybe only 10 min spent there, come on, that is absurd. Insurance companies are just plain gouging Americans, at will, with no regulation at all. It has to change. If you don't want to call it a right, what should we call it?

online writer said...

Oh,you were able to get the video!it's disgusting what he made of himself here.we cannot expect every single soul to agree on our point but we can talk the civil way,can't we? sigh.

Thanks for the info,melissa.i only have a slight idea on this healthcare issue but I hope your country will be able to pull it through.i agree with you,Beck is sick.

betchai said...

i am not very aware of the reality in medical institutions, melissa, thank you so much for bringing to us these realities. for me, no one should be denied medical attention, it saddens me to think other people die after they are turned away from hospitals, i've heard of these stories back home, and it is kind of hard to think the same situation can exist here when this country like what you said should lead the nations in being an example.

Melissa said...

There are so many other realities in health care, that never gets talked about. I could go on forever, and probably bore everyone.

Reg Fife said...

How about, "the right to afford the bare necessities of life" and "the right to get what you pay for"?

Choice of words aside, I am all for any effective (key word there) legislation that would make health care more affordable for low-income Americans, as long as the government does not get to say who gets care and who doesn't, and as long as irresponisble people aren't given freebies on a silver platter.

To give just one example, when I watched the movie "Sicko" I noticed one major complaint was insurance companies denying claims to previously approved people on some lame excuse. This could be solved with legislation forbidding insurance companies to deny coverage based on certain frivilous criteria, particularly application issues they had already let slide. Tweaks like this, done here and there, would, in my opinion, be better than essentially tossing out the whole system and putting the government in charge.

Melissa said...

Well there are a ton of issues, that need to be addressed. I have said in previous posts no one should get it for free, everyone can pay something, even if it's 10 dollars a month. Health insurance is a scam, and should just be done away with, and started from scratch. The one problem I have is the elite, who really don't even need insurance, oh wait they don't want a 20,000 dollar hospital bill, when something catastrophic happens, guess what neither do the poor. Life is a struggle as it is, and I don't think you should have to beg, steel, and holler to get cared for when you are sick. The part about the government controlling what health care you can have, that already happens in health insurance coverage, what is the difference, and the big deal?

Reg Fife said...

Indeed, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and I certainly don't have all the answers. However its done, I just hope we don't trade cumbersome, expensive, private insurance craziness with cumbersome, expensive government bureaucracy craziness.

Melissa said...

I can see the point of not wanting the government to control it, I guess I can not like that, but I really do not see how they would be any different than a money hungry insurance company that charges you a fortune. Thanks for your thoughts.

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