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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Off To The Doctor I Go

I am a bit of a stubborn person, at times. Going without health insurance, for many years, has not helped. I have suffered from migraines since the birth of my second child. I was examined right before moving to Florida, and due to how they occurred, it was determined it was probably hormone related. But now my symptoms are changing, and I am starting to have some neurological involvement. A visit to the eye doctor revealed nothing substantial, and they eye glasses have not helped a bit. I do believe I have chronic dry eye, but that does not account for other symptoms. We have health care now, and have for a couple of years, so I guess it is time I get examined. I have many fears since my mom has fibromyalgia, which personally I have always felt was a misdiagnosis, and she probably has MS. At any rate, I have done great research, and feel I may have MS, of course I certainly hope I am wrong. At any rate, my children are far too young, for me to not get answers, and treatment. I am fussy about treatments though, so this could be difficult. I only hope the Dr is willing to be flexible, and not just expect me to stuff myself full of medications, with no real answers. I go Monday, so wish me luck! I am hoping for just simple migraines, that have worsened, and not something serious.


eng said...

goodluck for that appointment and i hope it just a migraine.!

ProntoLessons said...

Good luck to you - hope all goes well.

betchai said...

oh, I am sorry to hear about your pain Melissa, wish you well on your appointment, and hopefully, there is nothing serious. though migraine is bad too ( i suffer from migraine, and sometimes i cry and i know some people don't understand me why i would cry for a headache) but at least, it is not something that life threatening, and we can avoid somehow our own triggers.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, I am hoping for something simple too, but if it turns out to be fibro, or even MS there are treatments, I just don't want to be a guinea pig, or doped up. I hope I can find a happy medium.

Anonymous said...

take precautions if results report migrane.... my mother is suffering from the same... avid eating chocolates as it is not good for migrane patients....


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