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Saturday, July 25, 2009

H1N1 Still Alive and Kicking

I don't know about the rest of you, but this makes me just a bit nervous. Here in the US the flu season does not start until cool weather comes back. That is because the flu virus can not thrive in hot, and humid conditions. Ha, but not H1N1 also known as a form of Swine Flu. Here in Gilchrist County, we have had our first reported cases of Swine Flu, it is July. The Public Health Dept has issued a statement, you can read it here. The three confirmed cases, there are over 30 with symptoms, are in the local prison. Normally this would not alarm me, other than the time of year, but my husband works at this prison. So now I have to watch for symptoms, and probably isolate ourselves from others to be safe, as we have been exposed for sure. You can read about symptoms here at the CDC website. If you look around the website you will see that the virus is still very prevalent in the states, and some 362 people have died from it. I wonder to myself, how many of these deaths ocurred with people who are uninsured, or under insured. Hmm makes me wonder. After all Tamiflu which does not cure the flu, but just helps reduce symptoms by about a day and a half, only costs 10 dollars per pill, and you need a ten day course. Plus you might want to treat your family, because they might have caught some of your germs. If you don't like to read you can watch the short video below, about symptoms for H1N1 virus. Be sure to wash your hands, cover your nose and mouth, throw away tissues, and try to stay away from others if you have symptoms.


femmepower said...

Good thing AH1N1 remains mild here in the Phil. There've been two reported fatalities related to this virus but due to complications. The patients either had a heart ailment or asthma. But health officials insist the virus hasn't evolved into something stronger. I pray it won't come to that point at all.

Melissa said...

Me too, but somehow I have a feeling it is going to be a long winter flu season.

Andrea said...

Sorry! I'm a little late responding to your posts...I just found your wonderful blog and I'm looking through the older posts. :-)

I'm worried about this with my youngest son, who had the flu almost 2 years ago (I had it too!). We got it from my oldest son, who turned out to be a carrier! But I don't know if he'll also be a carrier of the swine flu. He's in the high risk category because of childhood asthma, which he has almost grown out of, but also provided him with a great immune system after years of being sick. Regardless they will definitely be getting all three flu shots this fall!

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