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Friday, July 10, 2009

Videos That Teach Kids and Adults How To Swim Free

I was surprised by my previous post, at how many people never learned to swim. I know several people, in my personal life, that never really learned to swim. So I found some videos that teach both kids, and adults how to swim. You can watch them, and apply them to your kids, or yourself.


betchai said...

these are very helpful videos Melissa. My husband learned from videos, no one really taught him to swim, he said when he finally became confident, he just jumped into the water and whatever he remembered from videos worked! :) we go snorkeling in the Philippines and i was surprised to see how good he is swimming being just self taught.

Anne said...

I and my kids have all learned to swim, but my husband never really did. I am curious how it works with a video since no one can tell you what you are doing right or wrong.

online writer said...

oh, this is just what i needed, lol. thanks, melissa!

eng said...

very helpful videos melissa. the hubby and i are planning to teach ysabelle,our 6 years old daughter, to swim this summer.

this comes very handy indeed! thanks...

Keith Wilcox said...

These are very interesting videos, thank you. I think, that is very important for kids to learn to swim. My oldest son (now 6) was swimming by the age of 3, but my youngest son (now 5) has been a slow learner.

Melissa said...

I hope someone finds them useful. Everyone learns different, but videos can be a start to practice in real water after. Sometimes visually seeing something before you attempt it, can be very helpful.

cherie said...

truly helpful, melissa. i will coach my so through this the next time we go to the pool. thanks a lot!

Melissa said...

You are welcome, hope it helps.

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