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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Thoughts, And Art Work

I have to make a quick post on health care, and then I have to move on. I am kind of getting tired of listening to the nonsense surrounding it. I watched about 30 min of President Obama's speech last night, and there were two things that especially caught my ear.

1- About the supposed tax hike on the rich, to pay for it. He very clearly said, it was not really a tax, but a change in the way the very rich make itemized deductions bringing it down to the same as a middle class family. I think that is reasonable, and certainly not as drastic as liberals are making it sound.

2- The comment, I have good health insurance, and so does every Senator, and Representative. Yes, they do, and all us tax payers pay for it. They never get denied treatment, go to only the best doctors, and hospitals, are treated like kings, and queens. Want to know how to pay for it, how about we take that benefit away from them. They are rich, they certainly could afford to pay for their own health insurance. Or they could pay for it out of their own pockets, like they seem to see nothing wrong with Americans doing. How about we turn the table, and show them how it feels. Why should we Americans, pay big taxes for them to have cushy health care benefits, when they don't give a damn if their fellow Americans even get any? I say that is the answer to the problem, how much money do you think that would generate? Call them, ask them if they think they would be willing to give up their health insurance, and go on Medicaid, because you know that is such a great program, or go without health insurance at all, and their kids, and spouses too. Do you think you will get an answer?

OK now onto something I truly love, and that is my children's love of art. They both picked their favorite art work pieces, from this school year. Caitlin, who is 5, picked her Spongebob picture. Her art has progressed so much, from even six months ago. DJ picked his Batman, and flower pictures, because he feels they were the best. The other two items are sharks, that we made with a kit, and painted. As you can see Caitlin's is very colorful, where DJ's is more traditional. It is funny, because when he was five, he let his imagination run wild, as he gets older he chooses more traditional art styles. This coming school year, is the first year, I actually purchased an art book. They learn from videos on youtube, and looking at pictures. Just giving the oppurtunity to do art, gives them the desire to do it.


betchai said...

" Why should we Americans, pay big taxes for them to have cushy health care benefits, when they don't give a damn if their fellow Americans even get any? "
====very good point Melissa, so well said. oh, love the art work of DJ and Caitlin. that spongebob look so cute and i don't know if i will be able to sketch batman, i think it is easier for me to sketch landscapes than batman :)

Melissa said...

I didn't realize I had cursed, hope I did not offend. I wonder why no one has brought that up.

Femmepower said...

whoah,your kids did these? i love them all.good thing you support their artistic abilities.when i was small (and christmas trees were tall,lol) my imagination was bursting with art ideas and my hands were unstoppable - even if my parents didn't supply me with art materials (we were too hard-up to buy them).Hence,i used the inner part of milk cartons for my sketches and took advantage of my cousins' hand-me-down broken crayons.i was happy! =)

Melissa said...

Yes my kids did these, they love art. You can encourage them with just simple, and cheap products. They love the learn to draw videos on youtube, and they are free.

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