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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Tight Squeeze!

I don't know if you have heard on the news about the 2 yr old strangled to death by a python, or not, but it is a huge problem here in Florida. The Burmese python which can grow up to 18-24 feet, and has no predators, are flourishing in the Florida Everglades. Many of these snakes were released by owners who thought it was cool to have a snake, until it got too big, and hard to feed. So they just release them to the wild. Not a good idea. Some of these snakes also got into the wild when Hurricane Andrew blew through South Florida, destroying their cages, and releasing them to the wild. They lay eggs, and lots of them, and are now hundreds of thousands of them living, and breeding in South Florida. Because they have no predators, they are destroying Florida's wild life, and ecosystems. So I found some cool videos, on these snakes, along with first aid for snake bites. There seems to be really nothing you can do if a constricting snake wants to give you a hug, especially a large one. You can try to pry it off, or have someone else, throw liquor in its eyes, and nose, or stab it. There is no proof any of these things actually work.

I very much dislike snakes, and if this thing crawled into my yard, I would probably croak on the spot. In the two years, we have owned this home we have had three various snakes in our yard. I lived in rattlesnake country my whole life, and never saw one snake, of any kind. These are not good odds for me LOL.

If you would like to read more information on snake handling, and bite treatment, please refer to the following links.

Please, if you want one of these snakes, for whatever crazy reason, be responsible and call a pet shelter if you can no longer handle it. Learn the safety tips, and proper care techniques for all snakes, not just Burmese pythons. There are people who truly adore, and love snakes, so take care of both of you.


betchai said...

oh, that is scary indeed to see a python, and to know they are destroying Florida's wildlife is also threatening. i love to see everglades, i just hope i won't see a python.

Sandi said...

that is very scary and makes me happy to live in Illinois. lol

eng said...

can't blame you for having a dislike on snale. i, too, don't like anything that slithers and hisses on the ground.oohhhh! no, no, no.

thanks again for sharing us those videos.very useful!!

Melissa said...

It's not just that it is a snake, that is bad enough, but a snake big enough to eat an alligator UGH!

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