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Monday, July 13, 2009

Report Card, What We Work On Over The Summer

I finally got DJ's report card, for the fourth quarter done. I found a whole bunch of papers I had never graded, not real sure how that happened LOL. Anyways for those who care, here are his grades.

Language Arts: 92 up from 91
Reading: Excellent, he is well advanced in reading
Reading Comp: 90 down from a 98 mostly because we finished the workbook so less papers to grade
Writing: S much improved from the start of the year. Stays on topic, still needs to watch spelling, and capitals. Sometimes does not use enough content as well.
Math: 91 down from 92 not bad considering we moved into much harder material at the end
Science: 99 up from 93 by far DJ's favorite subject
Health: S no letter grade this time, because the curriculum was complete just reviewed
Social Studies: 95 same as last quarter
Spanish: NA no Spanish this quarter
Art: Excellent, continues to excel, and expand his skills. DJ will be showcasing his work on his blog.

Over the summer we do some simple review work. Caitlin will be doing phonics, and DJ handwriting, and math. Handwriting is a big one, as he gets sloppy, and his difficult to read sometimes. Math, just because I do not want to lose the skills he learned already, esp the more difficult division.

These are the sites we will be using over the summer. Please feel free to check them out, and use them as you like. Since we started two years ago, tons of homeschool sites have come online. I have found so many new, and cool ones, I can not wait to share them with all of you.
I love this sites handwriting sheets, esp the cursive. They have other awesome sheets as well, many I will be using for the next school year.
and are the two sites I will be using for math worksheets.
, and are the two main phonics sites. There are so many more, I like these two the best for now. I also found some cool phonics games I will share after I find where I put them LOL. I also purchased off of Ebay a used Hooked on Phonics set, and I can tell you it is so easy to teach using this system, Caitlin has already advanced so much.

Happy Summer learning.


betchai said...

oh wow, congratulations to DJ those are excellent grades, excellent teaching really paid off.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai, he works very hard to get his grades. He is very proud of them.

AA said...

Great job with the grades!! is another great resource that parents should consider for their homeschooling needs. Their tutors work with you using your curriculum and work with you at your pace. Their prices are surprisingly affordable for the quality of math help you can get with a real experienced tutor.

Melissa said...

Thank you

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