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Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Tell Me Does It Pay To Be Healthy?

Obviously, yes I think it pays to be healthy, I am being sarcastic. Why, you ask? Well I may have mentioned before that I hate fish. I don't mean I just dislike it, I actually can not stomach eating it. Fish is actually very good for you. The Omega three fatty acids can help reduce inflammation, cholesterol, and help prevent heart disease. Sounds good, right? So I decided to take some advice, and try these lovely supplements. Most supplements don't cause side effects, so I never though anything about it. Ha, that is what I say, Ha. I took the first horse capsule yesterday, at lunch time. Within a half hour, I started to feel nauseous. Nothing major, I could tolerate it, vitamins make me nauseous too, I don't take them anymore though. By dinner time, my stomach was severely bloated, and hard as a rock. My husband made delicious steak on the grill, and I could barely eat it. I had chest pain, bloating, back pain, and the loudest grossest, burps and flatulence you ever could hear. I have had two c-sections and these pills made that seem like a walk in the park. So after I could finally breath again, and sit upright, I went online to do some searching. Seems gas, and diarrhea are both side effects of these fish oil capsules, and they recommend you take these things three times a day. OMG I do not think so, I will never take them again. If anyone knows of foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, besides fish, and these awful supplements, I would love to know what they are. Be aware if you decide to take these, that this may happen to you.


betchai said...

i am sorry to hear about what happened Melissa, i think flaxseed has high omega 3 too, i used it for my hair when i was new in CA (too dry here, I got dandruff from dry scalp) and took it as my supplement, it says high in omega 3.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai, I will look up flaxseed.

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