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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Vick Reinstated

I am a huge football fan. When Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting, I was both disgusted, and discouraged. How could someone do something so awful, to a dog. Then he went to prison, and was recently released. He still has to serve three years probation, and keep his nose clean. I think what he did was disgusting, and outrageous, and I spoke about it on many public forums at the time. Yesterday the NFL reinstated Vick, allowing him to be picked up by a team, and possibly play again. Now this is where it gets messy. PETA is putting pressure on Vick's lawyers, Vick, and anyone else who will listen to force him to take a MRI to prove he is not a psychopath. Are you kidding me? This is absolutely outrageous. Why should he have to do that? He paid his debt to society, did his time, and now deserves to resume his life, and earn a living. Do I think he should make a point of mentoring children, and others about why dog fighting is awful, yes I think that would be a good move on his part. Do I think he should have to take a medical test, to prove he is not a psychopath, absolutely not. Then everyone should have to do this, to have gainful employment, for any infraction they have done. People make mistakes, and do bad things sometimes. They are making an example of Vick, and obviously intend to continue to make an example of him for the rest of his life. Pedophiles don't even get this kind of treatment. Vick was wrong, disgusting, and did awful things to harmless animals, BUT he did his time, move on already.

So go ahead and start yelling, stomping your feet, calling me names, maybe I need an MRI to prove I am not a psychopath, please this man does have rights. Forgive, but never forget, but why be so vengeful. What do you think? By the way I am not one of those bloggers who only post comments that agree with them. I will however delete spammers, so don't send comments about penis enhancement, please.


Anne said...

I didn't realize an MRI would prove that someone wasn't a psychopath. Wow, what about serial killers? Does it work for them too? That seems like an easy way to determine if someone is a serial killer.

On another note, did you get my email? I need you address to send you your monkey magnet :).

Melissa said...

Yes I did, thank you. I am a bit behind today, as I had to go cook in the hot sun for a church event, catching up now. I read the article about the MRI on the PETA blog.

betchai said...

wow, time flies, it seems it was only yesterday, but he indeed already had served and paid his time. i agree with you, somehow, they always make it for people who had made mistakes to start all over again and start anew, sometimes, sadly throwing them back where they came from.

Melissa said...

I think it is very unfair indeed.

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