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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gainesville Aquatic Fun


The Dept of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, located in Gainesville has some cool summer activities available. Some of the ones I found interesting are:

Dive In Movies- watch your favorite movie while floating in the pool. 3 dollars for children, and 5 dollars for adults. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Swim lessons- Pretty much offered all year except winter, by Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. Classes are 30 min in length. All children should learn to swim, at a young age, and adults if you do not already know how.

Camp Aqua Sport- We might actually give this one a try next year. Provides a source of physical, and educational activities, in and around, and aquatic environment. It is 142 dollars for city residents, and 215 for non residents.

Junior Lifeguarding Camp for 12-15 yr old children- My son actually wanted to do this, but he is only 9, so he has to wait a bit. There are prerequisites that must be met, along with age. Participants learn life saving skills, first aid, and CPR, as well as life guarding skills. Price is 116 for city residents, and 173 for non city residents.

If you would like to learn about any of these great programs, or others available, you can call 352-334-5067 address 1024 NE 14th Street Gainesville, FL 32601


betchai said...

it's always good to be a resident as we don't pay as much as non-residents. i agree with you about swim lessons, we did not get swim lessons when we were younger since we did not have money for those, but my father would throw us into the silent bank of the river, and would rescue us if we struggle :) we learned the hard way :) so our swimming is like dog style :)

Melissa said...

That is how my mom, and her siblings were taught to swim as well.

Anne said...

Those are some great activities. I think the dive in movie would be a great family activity.

online writer said...

I've been looking for swimming lessons around our city but I found none. My daughter and I need to learn how to swim coz we both struggle in the water. However,my daughter is convinced that she knows how to swim just because she can waddle for a few seconds, lol!

Melissa said...

I thought the dive in movie sounded cool too. I think my husband and I will try it alone first, to see how much horsing around, or movie watching goes on. Swim lessons are important, but you can learn without them. I know so many people who never learned to swim.

cherie said...

i envy you guys, though, who get by in water as though it's second nature. my husband is good - a few days ago we were at the beach, our young sons' first, and what do you know, there was a drowning little girl, and the hubby heard her cries and saved her.

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